Pay It Forward

Kathryn's Bears for Children’s Memorial Hospital

~December 2012~

~December 2008~

The "Teddy Bear Toss" is a yearly event held by the Chicago Storm, a professional indoor soccer team.  At their home opener game on December 20th, when the Chicago Storm scored their first goal, many of the attendants tossed a stuffed animal onto the field.   This year, the Chicago Storm has decided to join KBMF in taking their collected stuffed animals with KBMF's "Kathryn's Bears" and deliver them to the Children's Memorial Hospital.

With the help of the Chicago Storm we have been able to donate an incredible amount of bears to Children's Memorial.  Thank you to Lindsey Jones and Jennifer Drankie for helping us put this together. We know that we will bring smiles to many children's faces! 

For more information on the Chicago Storm visit

~December 2007~

~December 2006~

We, once again, collected teddy bears for Children's Memorial Hospital.  Along with Kathryn's Bears, we also decided to collect handheld games for the children to play.  Our hope is to continue to bring smiles to the faces of many children throughout the new year.

~December 2005~

Our trip to Children’s Memorial Hospital to donate Kathryn’s Bears was very successful. Kathryn’s Bears were collected at: STEPS Dance Center, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, and various elementary schools. We had close to 600 bears to deliver to the hospital in December! The bears were given to the children for the holiday season and the hospital will pass out the remaining bears throughout the year. We are sure that we have made many children smile!

We have recieved a thank you plaque from Children's Memorial Hospital. It has been sent to and is hanging at STEPS Dance Center.

A portion of the letter reads:

"I can assure you that this assemblage is already being put to good service in cheering the patient population of our Medical Imaging Department. Reports of happy patients were being received moments after your delegation left the hospital. Thanks to your efforts, we are well stocked for the forseeable future!

On behalf of Terry Foster of our volunteer department and all of the staff of Children's Memorial Hospital, please accept our thanks and convey these sentiments to all those who made this donation possible."