In Memory of Kathryn

Kathryn's Garden

Each summer, Kathryn's Aunt Karen, Auntie, plants a garden.  In 2005, the garden consisted of flowers of different colors.  However, there was no grass or sod. When Kathryn was over at Aunt Karen's house she would always bring her two pugs and they would pee all over the flowers.  Aunt Karen would look at Kathryn and say, "Kathryn, how 'bout you watch your dogs so they don't pee on my flowers."  Kathryn would look at her and smile saying, "how 'bout you get some sod so they will pee there and not on your flowers."  One of those quirky responses that Kathryn would always come up with. 

In the summer of 2006, Aunt Karen wanted to grow her garden in memory of Kathryn.  Since Kathryn's favorite color was yellow, she decided to have all yellow flowers.  And sure enough, that summer there was also a section with sod.  It was around Kathryn's Angel statue that was in the middle of the garden.

Aunt Karen was even more excited about creating "Kathryn's Garden" on the night of the 1st dance showcase.  In the assortment of raffle baskets, there was a basket titled "Gardener's Delight."  In it was a stepping stone, garden gloves and tools, a metal yard sign, a gardening book, a decorative pillow, a daisy and sweet pea grow kit, and a copper watering can.  The wrapping around this basket of items was tied together with ribbon.  Hanging from that ribbon, was an angel ornament, that had Kathryn's name on it.

Aunt Karen used her raffle tickets with the hope of winning this gardener's basket.  Sure enough, during intermission when Elizabeth and Nicholas were calling off the ticket number for that basket, Aunt Karen stood up with tears in her eyes.  She walked to the stage to receive the prize and while she was up there she told a quick story...
..."The night before Kathryn died, she was at a dance show.  They were raffling off a basket of cookies shaped as pointe shoes and ballet bears.  That night, Kathryn won that raffle basket and said, 'This is so cool, I never have won a raffle before!'  Kathryn was so excited that night while holding the basket of cookies and tonight, as I hold my gardener's basket, I can only think of her and how she must have wanted my number to be drawn for this prize.  I love you Kathryn."

One morning, towards the end of August 2006, Aunt Karen went out to look at Kathryn's Garden.  She had noticed that some of the sod and flowers around Kathryn's Angel had been dug up.  When she looked closer, she saw baby bunnies that had just been born earlier that morning.  They had been nestled up under a part of the sod.  We all can't help but think that, because of Kathryn's Garden and that sod, those bunnies will be safe next to Kathryn's Angel until they are big enough to make it on their own.

At the 2nd dance showcase, Aunt Karen won another garden basket during the raffle and her garden continues to grow bigger, brighter and more beautiful.


Kathryn's Garden 2007


Kathryn's Garden 2006