Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 1 - Winter 2006

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We our pleased to present to you the first KBMF newsletter! We are looking forward to a successful year.

Let us first inform you of what we will be doing with the KBMF funds:

Our largest amount of funds will be going to what we call a “dance outreach program.” For this dance outreach program, we are working with a children’s welfare and adoption agency known as Our Children’s Homestead located in Naperville, IL. Our hope is to provide classes as well as apparel and costume fees to children who have an interest in dance and can not participate because of financial difficulties.

Other funds will be directly given to one of the senior aged dancers at STEPS Dance Center in order to assist them in their first year of college. We will be considering each and every senior at the studio for this scholarship.

Naperville North High School’s uses of funds are currently being determined. Please look for further information in the next newsletter and on the website.


Children’s Memorial Hospital

Our trip to Children’s Memorial Hospital to donate Kathryn’s bears was very successful. Kathryn’s Bears were collected at: STEPS Dance Center, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, and various elementary schools. We had close to 600 bears to deliver to the hospital in December! The bears were given to the children for the holiday season and the hospital will pass out the remaining bears throughout the year. We are sure that we have made many children smile!


1st Annual Kathryn Bender Memorial Showcase

Every spring, we will be inviting a variety of dance performing groups, such as local dance studios, high school dance groups, and hip hop troops, to perform at a benefit showcase for Kathryn. All of the profits will go to KBMF.

This year the showcase will be Wednesday, May 17, at 7:00 PM, at College of DuPage. Please contact College of DuPage ticket office at (630) 942-4000 for ticket information.


Thank You to…

Naper Elementary School…
For donating the profits from the Market Day cookie dough sales last month to KBMF.

Andersons Bookshop…
For holding a book signing and donating the ticket sale profits to KBMF.

Minuteman Press…
For their time and effort in printing our newsletter.

Naperville North High School…
For the benefit performance of Kathryn’s last play “Angels Fall.” KBMF received the profits from ticket sales and concessions.

Nick Melville…
For his time and effort in setting up our new website.

AND everyone who has given donations and supported KBMF thus far.


For Donations:

Make all checks payable to KBMF.
Send to:
STEPS Dance Center
481 N Commons Dr Unit E
Aurora, IL 60504
Attn: Cathy Rosenberg



President: Elizabeth Bender
Vice President: Nicholas Bender
Treasurer: Cathy Rosenberg
Secretary: Doris Bender


Coming soon…

Please keep checking for our website to learn more about KBMF
 · stay updated with the latest fundraisers
 · contact the officers with other fundraising ideas
 · and much more

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