Newsletter - Volume 2 Issue 1 - Spring 2007

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Inside this issue:

Dates to Remember
2nd Annual Kathryn Bender Dance Showcase
Change of Address for KBMF
5K Walk/Run for KBMF
Chocolate Thursdays Cookbooks
Panda Number Four
“Summer” Arrives at Naper Elementary School
Senior Assassins
Naper School Butterflies
Thank You...



Dates to Remember

Dates to remember:
· April 15th - Kathryn’s 19th Birthday
· May 15th - 2nd Kathryn Bender Dance Showcase
· July 14th - 5k Run/Walk for KBMF



2nd Annual Kathryn Bender Dance Showcase

When: Tuesday May 15th, 2007
Time: Raffle preview at 6pm, show starts at 7pm
Where: College of DuPage Arts Center Main Stage
Ticket Info: Call College of DuPage Ticket Office at 630-942-4000 or order online at: then click on "Order Tickets Online"
Price: $15 adults and $12 students/seniors

The raffle this year is promised to be just as good as last year! In order to allow people more time to look at the raffle baskets and purchase raffle tickets, we will have a raffle preview beginning at 6:00pm.

"Friendship bouquets" are available to order for your friends or dancer. You can guarantee that you will have a bouquet available by pre-ordering. You can also be reminded of this special night for a long time to come by ordering a t-shirt! There will be a limited amount of flowers and t-shirts available for purchase that evening.

Order forms for the flowers and t-shirts can be found on our website's 2nd Annual Dance Showcase link under Current Fundraisers.

This years performance will have a variety of dance groups participating. They include:

Bolingbrook Park District
Dance 2XS from U of I
DuPage Dance Team
Extensions Dance Company
Hip Hop Connection
NCHS Orchesis Group
NNHS Orchesis Group
NVHS Orchesis Group
School of Performing Arts
Steps Dance Center
UIC Dance Team
WVHS Orchesis Group

There will also be two special dances dedicated to Kathryn: one choreographed by her close friend Elizabeth Betten and another performed by her brother and sister.

We look forward to a wonderful and exciting evening and hope to see you there!



Change of Address for KBMF

Kathryn Bender Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 52
Naperville, IL 60566
(Please send all letters, donations, order forms, registration forms, etc to this new address.)



5K Walk/Run for KBMF

Get those running shoes on! It's just about time for the 1st 5K Walk/Run for KBMF! Come join us to make new friends, have lots of fun and remember Kathryn!

What: 5K (3.1 mile) run or walk on track. All runners and walkers welcome!
When: Saturday July 14, 2007
Time: Check-in at 8:00am.
Race begins at 9:00am.
Where: Naperville North High School (Football Stadium)
899 N. Mill St. Naperville, IL 60564
Registration: Pre-registration (before June 30th):
$20/person or $50/family
Late registration (July 1st - day of race):
$25/person or $60/family
T-shirts included for each participant if registered before June 30th.

Please see the registration form for all additional information.

Registration forms can be found on the 5K Walk/Run link on our website under Upcoming Fundraisers.

If you know of a company that would be willing to sponsor this event and have their company name put on the t-shirt, please notify us through the contact us link on the website.

Not only is the walking fun, but so is the cause. Help us to raise money for the yearly Kathryn Bender Performance Award scholarship at Naperville North High School and also for the mural that will be put up in Kathryn's memory on a large wall inside the school!

Please come to honor Kathryn and keep her memory alive. We hope to see you there!



Chocolate Thursdays Cookbooks are still available at Anderson’s Bookshop in downtown Naperville, District 203 offices, Naperville North High School and Beebe Elementary School.

If you love chocolate, you don’t want to miss it!



Panda Number Four

Last year between July and September, there were 18 baby pandas born in China. When it came time to name each of the pandas, they asked for the public's help. Knowing Kathryn's love of panda bears, the KBMF officers thought it would be a great idea to see if they would choose the name Kathryn for one of the bears.

After reading the characteristics of each panda, we agreed that panda #4 fit Kathryn's personality the best...

Panda #4 sleeps on her blanket.

"The younger of two twins, more beautiful than sister, round face, plays with sister, sticks with mom, quiet, good character, won't attack, nice and kind..."

There were more than 100,000 names submitted for all 18 pandas!

Kathryn's name was not chosen, however, the name that was picked seemed quite appropriate. Panda #4 is now named Mei Xin which means "beautiful happy."



“Summer” Arrives at Naper Elementary School

Kathryn's dream was to become a teacher. One teacher that made a special impact on Kathryn was her first grade teacher, Mrs. Shinkle, at Naper Elementary School.

After Kathryn's passing, Mrs. Shinkle and other staff members, both past and present, wanted to do something special for Kathryn and her family. The staff decided to place a special tribute for Kathryn in the school's library. This tribute includes an Isabel Bloom statue entitled "Summer", which is a young girl with yellow flowers in her lap, and a framed kindergarten and senior year picture of Kathryn.

Kathryn will forever be a part of Naper school.

"Sometimes the best use of a summer day is to make no use of it at all."



Senior Assassins

This article was written by Suzie Phadke, Kathryn's good friend and classmate.

Senior Assassins is a tradition at Naperville North High School, a fun game that seniors play to kick off the end of their last year. The idea of the game is that every interested senior puts in $3, and everyone is matched with a target. To "assassinate" the target, the assassin must shoot that person with a water gun; if the target is successfully killed, the assassin gets a new target, and the game continues until there is only one person standing.

Year after year, there has been no decisive winner of the game, leaving the pot of money behind. The Class of 2006 wanted to donate the fund to a charity if there was no winner, and as in past years, nobody managed to get through the line of targets. The committee that organized Senior Assassins game decided that the best place for the money was the Kathryn Bender Memorial Foundation. Kathryn is remembered by her Class of 2006 with a $400 donation of the Senior Assassins fund in the hopes that Kathryn's dreams will live through others who benefit from the foundation.



With the arrival of Spring, we will be continuing to paint butterflies for Kathryn on the outside wall at Naper School. Please notify us by e-mail through the website and we will add you to our list. As soon as dates are set we will let you know!



Thank You...

Children's Memorial Hospital - for sharing Kathryn's bears and handheld games with the children
Chocolate Lovers - for purchasing Chocolate Thursdays and loving chocolate!
Naperville Medical Associates - Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Carducci for supporting KBMF
Nick Melville - for keeping our website updated
NNHS Class of 2006 - for their donation to KBMF
Paige Nicole White Foundation - for assisting KBMF
Ray Kinney at Minuteman Press - for printing our newsletter
Wheatland Township - for their donation to KBMF
Beacon News, Daily Herald, Glancer, Naperville Sun and Positively Naperville - for their continued support of KBMF
Everyone who continues to support and donate to KBMF