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Name Date Entry
AUNTIE 02/28/06 The web page turned out very nice. I love you all very much and it goes without saying how very much I love and miss Kathryn. My heart aches! She is with me always and forever. Love ya --
Alex Falconio 02/28/06 Kathryn was my cousin. she was the reason i started dancing. I would not be dancing now but i now know that i must finish what My cousin Kathryn Mary Bender had started here on earth
Joe Garhan 03/01/06 Like the entire Bender Family, Kathryn was one of those happy faces you can't help but smile back at. Knowing Nick since kindergarten and being around the entire family through all those years we all became part of that family, like they were part of mine. That kind of friendship doesn't come around everyday and neither does someone quite like Kathryn. She was just as big a part of that family of friends as anyone. That is how I knew her and so is how I will remember her.
Jodie Falconio 03/01/06

Kathryn was so much more than my cousin, she was like a sister to me. From the day she was born, we began sharing our birthday celebrations together. When I was younger, I sometimes regretted not being able to have my own, but as I grew up and for the rest of my life, I will cherish every birthday we shared. We always called each other "ugly" which stemmed from the shared birthdays. Some people might thing that it was inappropriate, but that is one thing that I will always have with her that nobody else will have. I think about Kathryn everyday and her spirit will live on in all of us. For those that didn't know Kathryn, I am so sorry.....she would have changed your life forever.

To Aunt Doris, Elizabeth and Nicholas,

She was and always will be beautiful and special. I know there are still so many unanswered questions but cherish all the great times that were shared with her. Those will last a lifetime. I love you all very much. Thank you for being such important people in my life.

Melissa Kuhrt 03/01/06

Some of my favorite memories growing up have involved the Bender (&Falconio) Families. I'll never forget all of the great times that we've spent by the pool and at the zoo!!

-I remember when Liz & Kathryn were in grade school and they couldn't get enough of the Sophie B Hawkins song As I Lay Me Down To Sleep. I'll never forget listening to the two of them sing it all the time!!

-One of my favorite memories of Kathryn was our adventure at the zoo last year when we braved the cold and saw the Winter Magic because it was a tradition! And I'm glad that we did because last year was definitely our best year!! Especially with our gummy fights and hiding from our parents :)

~It's still hard to believe that Kathryn isn't here with us, but I know that we all have a very special angel watching out over us. I love you and miss you Kathryn!

Lisa Hamman 03/02/06 A beautiful website. Nice job! It made me smile many times! You are all doing so many good things in Kathryn's memory and her smile continues to spread and shine through you all! Best wishes! We miss you Kathryn! Love, Lisa, David, Jack and Savannah
Jessica Mary Falconio 03/02/06

First of all, for everyone involved in the creation of this website, you did a beautiful job!

Auntie, Elizabeth & Nicholas-
The words "Aunt" and "cousins" aren't enough to describe you. You are my other mom and my other sister and brother. I am very far from you all, but you are very close to my heart. Just close your eyes ... I'm still next door. I love you!

Auntie gave my boys two of your bears. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to have a special part of you. I promise to always speak of you, show everyone the beautiful pictures of you and keep your spirit alive ... the kind, beautiful, unselfish, gentle soul that you are. You are missed more than you could imagine. I love you!

Although we can not understand why you took her so soon, thank you for giving our family an incredible blessing for 17 years.

Uncle Ray-
I miss you and all the birthdays we shared together. I still come to see you everytime I'm home to visit. Please take care of our (and of course, your) little Kathryn. I love you!

Jessica Mary

John Falconio, Jr. 03/03/06

Kathryn was one of the most caring people that I have ever known and after seeing the turn-out at all of the services I got to see just how many people's lives that she truly touched. It is very hard for me to grasp that she is gone, even to this day. Some of the things that I do remember about Kathryn are the games that we used to play and all the times she would come around with that grin on her face that only she could do. We all need to step back and remember that she truly lived every day to the fullest and left nothing in her life that she would regret. Kathryn lost her father at a young age and now she will get to spend the time that she never had to get to know him in a way that they both should have had here on earth. Kathryn gets to keep her dad company now and he can see what kind of person she became, and he, like the rest of us gets to see that she is the best daughter and person that one could ever ask for. It is nice to see the support from family and friends that is helping the rest of the Bender family through their tough times. Please God look over Kathryn and give Aunt Doris, Nicholas and Elizabeth the strength they need to move forward from this tragedy. Remember we will all be together again someday.

Someday you and I will get another game of Cranium under our belts, but until then I love you and miss you. I will keep your memory strong. And I just want you to know that I will do what I can to help your mom, brother and sister with whatever they may need.

Rachel Rizzuto 03/04/06

There is something very strange about being away from home when something like this happens. You suddenly feel even farther away, but your heart feels even closer. You also can't believe that it's true.

I miss Kathryn so much. I can't help but think of her everyday. I can't help but wish that I could see her one more time.

Kathryn always told me that I was talented and that I was going to make it and she made me believe it. She made me feel so special. But what I really hope is that she realized how talented and special she was. She made me strong. She reminded me that there was still good in the world. She gave me courage and taught me to always stand up for what I believe in. She made me laugh. She made me work that much harder.

The first time we ever performed together was when I was in 5th grade. We actually ended up getting married - our characters that is. It was a memory we joked about all throughout high school.

I was always young for my grade and I often thought about how my life would be different if I would have been held back that one year. I remember I always told my mom, "Well, at least I would have still been friends with Kathryn."

The memories I have of Kathryn and the immensly wonderful times we shared together will always be in my heart. And I will always cherish the way Kathryn and her entire family have made me feel like I am someone special.

Kathryn - we shared the same fears, the same love, the same humor, the same dreams. we shared jokes and tears and frustrations. we shared a friendship. we shared our childhoods and those crazy years of being teenagers. we shared a song. we shared many, many a car ride and some of the luckiest handshakes ever in existance. i love you very much and i will be very happy to see you again some day. "the times they are a'changin'"

Gail Hinterlong 03/05/06

Although I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Kathryn, I knew of some of her accomplishments from her Mother. I am sad that I never got to know her and her spirit. She sounded so wonderful!!! I am happy that you have set up a web site to honor her and allow people that didn't know her, get to know her and the impact she made on so many lives. God Bless her and God Bless her family. Even though her voice is silenced, her spirit TRULY lives on in everyone she touched. Amen!