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Name Date Entry
Auntie 11/20/2006

I love and miss you Always and Forever!


Sarah Smith 11/20/2006

It has been one year today Kathryn. I miss you so much. I think of you everyday. Today especially. You were such a great person. Always thought of everyone else. I can tell you that today, you will have so many people thinking of you! I love you Kathryn.


Katie Hill 11/20/2006

As I remember Kathryn today especially I think of all the wonderful times we had together. Kathryn was such a wonderful friend. She truly was an angel. There is no other way to describe her. As I have started making friends here in Dayton those that are close to me know Kathryn's story. For, without knowing Kathryn, you can't fully know who I am. Kathryn touched so many lives. I will never forget the smile that brightened the room and my life. Or the many times we tried to teach Liz anger management. Four square. Sleepovers. Surprise parties. Dances. Plays. Movies. And the most spectacular testament to her life the complete outpouring from the whole community at her wake. That line was tremendous and the memories and love that it brought out in each of us was exactly what Kathryn did on a day to day basis. She lived she loved she was an angel. Our angel. I remember you everyday and love to share the story of your life and how you touched so many when they ask about the blue bracelet that graces my wrist every moment. More than once I have felt your angelic presence. I know you are watching out for us and I can't wait to see you again.

To Mrs. Bender, Elizabeth and Nick. Know you are always in my prayers and that the three of you have provided me with more strength and courage that you will ever know. You are three of the most amazing people on this earth and love you dearly.

Love in Christ,

Caitlin Strebing 11/20/2006

Everyone is thinking of you always Kathryn, you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday, I will never forget this day, because it is also my birthday. I thought of you a lot this morning, so I asked one of my friends to come to mass with me at school.. for you. We all love you and miss you so much!

The Hamman Family 11/20/2006

Doris, Elizabeth,and Nicholas,

You are in our hearts and prayers especially today! Kathryn continues to touch so many lives in her loving way. We miss her and are grateful we got to know and spend time with your special angel.

Our love,
Lisa, David, Jack, and Savannah

Sarah Fitch 11/20/06

I'm torn about how to feel today. First I'm sad because I realize that when we all get home to reunite and share stories about college you won't physically be there with us, but on the other hand you will be there in spirit and we have so many memories to bring smiles to our faces. There are always those great junior high years on NPD soccer with your uncle. You, Liz, and I were never so great at it but we always managed to have fun just playing around. And then there is Table 2, the end closest to the lunchline. There were some good times at that table; mixing up everyone's leftovers, potato soup/bagel Tues, and always intense 4-Square. Junior high also meant filling out "Girlfriend" Books which were far too funny to look back on. I will never forget all of our Friday nights at Uno's and how we would pretend that we were actually contemplating not getting a brownie bowl even though we always knew that we wouldn't leave without one, especially on birthdays. Most entertaining was our sleepover the night before senior year, swapping stupid secrets while playing "truth or dare, but pretty much just truth" and then in the morning, wearing our togas out to breakfast where the old ladies thought we were in a sorority. I love and cherish all of the memories I have of the Four Musketeers together and that will never go away. You are always a part of that and no matter what you're my best friend forever!

Love x 1000000, 

Kristin Plock 11/20/06

Mrs. Bender, Elizabeth and Nick,

I am sorry I could not be there with you today; I ve been thinking about you three all day. Thanks to Kathryn, so many people see how important it is to live life to the fullest, just like she did. She did so much and affected so many people during her life. I have two great memories of Kathryn:
The first is, I remember the "Too busy to fcuk" shirt she wore and when I saw her wearing it I realized Kathryn had grown up so much and it just made me laugh and smile (especially when Nick didn't believe that she had that shirt!). The other memory I have is when we were playing Cranium and it was Nick, Brad, Will, Weber and I playing. We made her play so teams were even and we put her on a team with Will and Weber. Her face was so funny when we told her what team she was on. They almost beat us too. I hope these memories bring a smile to your face as we all remember how amazing Kathryn was.

Kathryn, thank you for teaching me so much about life. You are an inspiration to so many.

Love you all, 

Amy Maxwell 11/20/06

Wow, darling. It's been one year. I can't believe it. Because of you, I'm reminded to take advantage of every moment I have, and to just LIVE life for all it's worth. You were truly one special girl--I remember how you came up to NIU for the open house and how we talked for over an hour--that was so much fun! I was SO excited that you were planning to come here and that you would be continuing in dance. Kathryn, I only hope I can be an inspiration in as many peoples' lives as you have. I'll always remember you and I will see you again someday.

To the Bender family, you are in my prayers today, and always. God bless you, and may He continue to strengthen you.

Melissa Imbrogno 11/21/06

We were still in our run for "Angels of Lemnos" at the College of DuPage. I was in that show with her brother Nick, and one night after a show, a few of us went over to watch some home videos. That was when I had met Kathryn for the first time. I actually got the chance to talk to her. I remember the conversation very well, too. We talked about the show her brother was in, what show she was doing at the time, what her major was going to be, and where she would be going to college.

After I got the phone call from my best friend Claire about her passing, just a couple of weeks after, I could not believe that it was the young, beautiful girl I had just met.

I may not have known Kathryn, but even with that simple conversation I had with her, I could tell just how special she truly was.

At her wake about one year ago, I remember thinking to myself just how fortunate I was to have been able to meet someone as remarkable as Kathryn. She has touched a lot of people's lives and will only continue to do so.

I've never met a family like the Bender family. So strong, so close, and so full of love and support for one another. Knowing Nick has made me realize that we really should cherish every single moment and to not take life for granted.

To the Bender family, you are in my thoughts and prayers on this day and always.

Uncle Jay 11/21/06

We came to visit you yesterday and each say our special prayer but really we just wanted to spend a little more time with you. I told your mom that it doesn't get easier but I knew it wouldn't. I miss and love you very much.