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Name Date Entry
Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 11/20/2007

We put up our Christmas tree today and it looks so beautiful. I'm sure you can see it. We hung your ornaments so that everytime we look at the tree we can be reminded of all the blessings that you gave us when you were here. It's the hardest time of year for us because we know how you just loved Christmas and we are trying our best to keep your spirit alive. 

Two years have passed so quickly and we know that we are closer to seeing you again. We send you all of our love today and everyday.

Auntie 11/20/07 Thinking of you today and ALWAYS.
Caitlin Strebing 11/20/07 Today is my birthday, and I went to church like I did last year on this day to take time and remember Kathryn. We all miss you and think about you every day.
Megan Rossman 12/04/07

I am really sorry to hear about the loss of a family member and a dance teacher. As i have known many people who have had her as a teacher at the steps dance studio i have heard great thing about her! i wish i was able to experiance the good times with her as many did but as you are i will also pray for her and wish her and family well.

Eileen 12/24/2007

Dear Doris, Elizabeth and Nicholas,
As another holiday approaches, I hope that you are filled with happy, fun thoughts of Kathryn. My wish is that these special memories will help you through this holiday season with joy in your hearts. I am thinking about you.


(P.S. I hope there is still a way for you to get to the Rose Bowl!)

Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 12/25/2007

Memories of past Christmas's bring tears of joy as we remember your excitement and laughter. As the sun shines today on this Christmas, your light continues to shine in each of us reminding us that life's not about what you get, but what you give. You gave each of us many memories that we will forever hold dear in our hearts.

Merry Christmas Kathryn.

Auntie 3/17/08 Thinking of you and missing you a lot today!  

Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 4/15/08 Kathryn,

20 years ago today you were brought into this world. You lived with a genuine heart and a strong spirit. You set an example that all of us should follow. Kathryn, you were truly here to change us all for the better. None of us would be who we are today if you were not here to help us find our way.

Time has gone by quickly since you have moved on to a better place and we truly can't wait to see you again. In the meantime, we will enjoy some Portillos chocolate cake for you and keep living, trying to become better people and sharing your strong spirit with everyone that we encounter in life.

We love you Kathryn. Happy Birthday.
Auntie 4/15/08 Happy Birthday Kathryn!
No phone call today but you are in my heart forever-- Love and miss you always!

John Falconio Jr. 4/15/08 Kathryn, Happy Birthday.

A couple of weeks ago I was telling a story about you and it made me stop and think. How could all of those memories feel like ages ago but the feeling of going to your house to see you standing there seem like yesterday? It all still feels so unreal to me. I still see you in so many things around me and with this foundation your love, thoughts and dreams seem to reach more people by the day. Through this your memory will last for eternity!

Love and Miss You Always