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Name Date Entry
Auntie 4/15/10 Kathryn-
Happy 22nd Birthday!!! Another year goes by---and two more of our family have joined you and dad-- I miss you and think of you always...forever with me-
Love you-
Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 4/15/10 Happy 22nd Birthday, Kathryn!

We love and miss you everyday and especially today. We wish you were here to celebrate with a piece of chocolate cake.
Gale Ganet 4/15/10 Happy Birthday, dear Kathryn. Thinking of you and your family. I'm so happy our paths crossed.
Leitha 4/16/10 Butterflies to you Kathryn representing freedom in God's love.

I have a beautiful sparklie yellow butterfly sticker on my bathroom mirror. I received it at a recent women's church function. It reminds me of God's love for me and it reminds me each morning to pray for my dear friend, Doris and her family.
Robin & Bradley 10/10/10 I have just read Kathryn's story and I feel very close to this. My daughter, Boo, is 17 now and was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome in June of 2008. She is a lot like Kathryn with the love of dance for over 10 years, played the flute and the piano, involved in church and events, etc. However, she is still surviving with the help of the medications, but it is a challenge daily, for her and for me. The trauma she went through before diagnosis was unbelievable. However, my heart is with you and I commend you for this information that you have made public. We advertise the need of the education of Long QT weekly. Thank you for making this public.
Gloria Trajkovich 11/20/10 Thinking of you today.
Leitha 11/21/10 Know you are all in my thoughts and prayers and know you are loved.
Sue Molinar 11/21/10 Remembering the day you went to heaven. You will be in our hearts forever.
Auntie 11/22/10 Kathryn-
Five very long yet very short years have gone by-- Seems like yesterday... lots has happened and I know you have been with us through it all. We did our usual stuff we do on this day for you Kathryn---We love and Miss you just as much as the day you left us---

Always and Forever in my Heart