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Name Date Entry
Elizabeth Bootz 04/02/06

Kathryn was my cousin and the only thing that helps me understand why she left so early is to tell myself that God needed his angel back.

Sue Molinar 4/08/06

Kathryn and my daughter, Staci, danced together. She was a great role model at Steps and Dance West. She touched many lives. Her passing was a great tragedy and we will always carry that day and her memory in our hearts. She has forever changed the Steps' girls' lives as they now realize how precious and fragile the gift of life is. Her time may be spent on this Earth but her memory will forever be in our hearts. God bless.

Carla Marchese 4/14/06

My name is Carla Marchese, and I am a friend of Nick's from College of DuPage. I just wanted to leave a message on here, and send my blessings to the Bender family and friends, and how sorry I am for your loss. Kathryn was a beautiful young woman, who seemed to have touched many people's hearts. Even though I never knew her, I will never forget her.

Meghan Falconio 4/15/06

Well it's 12:00. I would be calling you right now so I could be the first one to wish you a Happy Birthday. Happy 18th Birthday Kathryn, I love you and miss you. Meghan

Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 4/15/06

Well, it's 12:29am on April 15th, 2006. At this time, in 1988, you were brought into our lives. We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful girl to spend 17 years with. Even though it was not long enough, that time was only a blink of an eye compared to an eternity that we will share someday.

Uncle Jay 4/15/06

Kathryn Mary

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU very very much. All my Love will be with you forever.

Uncle Jay

Auntie 4/15/06





Alex Falconio 04/15/06 Today is Kathryn's 18 birthday. She was so happy this year because her birthday is so close to Easter. Kathryn was the light of this family and was definitely the laughs. Kathryn was always the first to try and help me when I was down and in the dumps. She always would take my mind off those kind of things by putting up with me and playing board games with me.

One of my favorite memories with Kathryn was when she had to write a paper in French about sports. I was in elementry school and she was either a freshman or a sophomore and she asked for my help because we all know how much Kathryn loved soccer and all that. So I did come and help her and pretty much wrote the paper except I couldn't write in French so she was the one who pulled out the pen and paper and did the writting.

Katrhyn was a very loving and good person and had all the right intentions. Aunt Doris, if anything, you should be proud on how great your little angel turned out and remember she is always here for you and for all. You know what they say, "Only the good die young." Happy Birthday Kat, I love you.

Jodie Falconio 04/15/06

Although I am not able to be with you this weekend, I wanted to let you know that today did not go by without the memories of Kathryn and her birthday. I want all of you to know that not a day goes by without me thinking about her and the strength that all of you have. I know that the pain from Kathryn´s passing will never go away, but everyday I pray that it gets a little easier for all of you. This weekend is harder for me than most obviously because it is our birthday weekend and for 17 years this was the one thing we had that no one else did. I know she will be with all of you today and tomorrow and I would like to think that we will always share our birthdays together.

I love all of you very much.


Grandpa and Grandma 04/15/06

We would just like to let you know how much we truly miss you and how much we love you. We are always thinking about you, especially today on your 18th birthday. You grew up to be such a beautiful young lady and we cherish all the memories we have of you.

Being your grandparents, it is hard to understand why you were taken before us, however, it is easy to see why God wanted you with Him. With our strong faith, we are sure we will see you soon. But until then, we will miss you with all of our hearts.

Happy birthday to our sweet little girl.

Love you always,
Grandpa and Grandma