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Name Date Entry
Megen, Bill, Nora, and Keegan Townsend 05/13/2006

I remember Kathryn when she was just a little girl and even then she always wore a smile of her face. The entire Bender family has showed me the importance of sticking together as a family and that loves prevails against all. I have seldom seen such wonderful family dynamics like the Bender family shows.

There are no anwsers to the "whys" of life that many of us ask repeatedly throughout our lives. This site and all the wonderful things it does gives meaning and purpose to such a tragic event.

The Benders, Falconios, and all others who are touched by Kathrynn's life are in my prayers always. Love to all of you..

Jodie 05/15/2006 As most of us know, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Illinois this past weekend with a degree in Engineering. Although Kathryn was not physically with us, I know she was watching Elizabeth as she walked across that stage. She would be so proud of Elizabeth and all of her accomplishments. Anyway, with all of these guestbook submissions, it is mentioned how much Kathryn touched someone's life. I just wanted to mention, that Elizabeth is not only Kathryn's sister, but her role model and her best friend. And I know for Kathryn, Elizabeth played a huge role in making her the great person she was. So to Elizabeth....congratulations and thank you for being such an inspiration to Kathryn.
Kim LaVelle 5/17/06

I hope you enjoy the show tonight Kathryn! We wish more than anything that you could be with us, senior group just isn't the same.

We love & miss you angel so much.

Nichole Quinn 5/17/06

Attended the showcase tonight at COD. It was a wonderful show for a wonderful cause!

Leitha Walling 5/18/06

Doris, The First Annual Kathryn Bender Showcase was wonderful last night! Elizabeth did a wonderful job! She did it! Although, I am sure she had a lot of support from Cathy and others, it was done with great professionalism. Nicholas did a great job with the support of his friends on the tech end. The time just flew. The talent and the variety were so impressive. Tara just loved it! Elizabeth's dance in honor of her sister was beautiful and moving. The children coming out around Elizabeth was so sweet. There were so many heart-touching songs and dances.

I was floored by the raffle baskets. People are amazing. It so touches my heart to think of all the effort that went into those raffle baskets. I am so glad Karen won the garden one. How appropriate considering her yellow garden this year. I think Kathryn had something to do with that! Then Justin winning the dance one with the toe shoes was so special since I believe he did that for Elizabeth, at least according to Jodie.

So many of your family members were able to make it, which is so loving and supportive. Although no one will ever be as special as the individual that Kathryn was and nothing will ever hold a candle to her being here and blessing all that she touches, her family has so honorably kept her spirit alive.

Love, Leitha

Eileen Lannon 5/26/06

To all the dancers who performed in the 1st Annual Kathryn Bender Memorial Dance Showcase: You are all so talented!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of you. I have spent the last 25 years going to soccer and basketball games, swimming and volleyball meets, but never a dance event. Thanks to all of you for opening a whole new, wonderful world of dance! I am already looking forward to the next one...

Auntie 6/1/06


We are all so proud of you our Little Angel in Heaven!! For, in our hearts, it is your graduation day. I miss you more and more as time goes by. 


Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas 6/1/06

This is what we wrote for Kathryn to be put in the senior ad section of her yearbook and we would like to share it with you today, on her graduation...

One heart 
One smile 
One life 
One moment in time
One chance to change your world 
Go with an open heart. 
Touch a life. 
Change the world. 

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? 
I do believe I have been changed for the better 
And because I knew you... 
Because I knew you... 
Because I knew you... 
I have been changed for good." 

Our Sweet Kathryn,

How can we possibly tell you how proud we are of everything you have accomplished in your life? It was short and sweet, but it was perfect. Through your acting, singing, and dancing, you taught us that the world is our stage, our words are our music, and life is a dance. You wanted to teach children now you are teaching the world. Thank you for teaching us the greatest lesson of all, to love unconditionally.

The one thing that so many people have said through all of this is, "I will never forget that smile." Did you ever think that a smile could touch so many? Your smile brightened our lives and the lives of those you knew. In every picture we have of you, that smile is always there. It was so constant, that when we close our eyes, we can see it perfectly.

We always knew you were a blessing to us and now we see what a blessing you were to so many others. You have changed so many lives for the better and now it is up to all of us to carry on and share all the positive things you have taught us. Thank you for the seventeen years of joy, happiness, and memories. Those moments will forever be engraved in our hearts.

All our love forever,
Mom, Elizabeth and Nicholas

Jessica Rotheiser 6/11/06

Kathryn was an amazing person! I never really got to meet her, but whenever she was dancing I was always watching her. She is an inspiration to me because she was an amazing dancer and she always tried her hardest.

Jaclyn Montagano 6/12/06

Kathryn, We all missed you at the recital this year. It just wasn't the same without you and your smile. We all miss you and wish you were here still with us!