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John Falconio, Sr. 03/05/06

Kathryn Mary:
To say that I miss you isn't the question. It's the hurt of not having you around that I must live with for an eternity. It's an honor that I am not only your uncle, but also your Godfather. Since you have been gone, I often think about those things we did together,and soccer always comes to mind. I was very happy the day you asked me to coach you and it was fun to watch you play. I will always miss your sweet smile and your ability to make other people happy around you. You, Elizabeth and Nick have always been like my other children, and I promised your Dad I would watch over all of you. I am sad that you left so soon, but I know that your Dad is happy you are with him.

Ray: I know you will take care of her for us down here until that time when we can all meet again. Heavenly Father: I'm not sure why this happened but if you love Kathryn half as much as we do, it will be enough to last til the end of time.

With all my Love,
Uncle Jay

Gale Ganet 03/06/06

I first saw Kathryn on stage at Naperville North. I watched her talent grow with each production. I will remember her best, though, for her inviting my son Max to the Spring dance at North last year. When Max, my husband and I arrived to the house for pictures, Max realized he forgot her flowers, so I DASHED home to get them. When I returned I found out that Kathryn had forgotten his flowers as well and someone had gone back to get those...which turned a tense situation into a funny one. She looked absolutely stunning and she made a lasting, wonderful memory for Max.

I want my kids to learn from Kathryn how powerful and lasting kindness and sweetness will always be.

Michael Kaffka 03/06/06

Kathryn was my dance partner for West Side Story and Kiss Me Kate. She was always a better dancer than I was. I could never quite get it as well as she did. I remember how light she was when I did lifts with her. She knew what she was doing.

Kyle Sauer 03/06/06

Kathryn has gone to all of my schools since kindergarten, and I've had a lot of friends that knew her, and were greatly affected by her life.

I've only talked to her a few times in my life but what I saw was a sweet and lovely teenage girl. Mostly shy, but a modest shy, the kind that made you want to be around her.

Much love I send to her and her family, as well as all of the people affected by her.

Claire Sara 03/07/06

I didn't know you as well as many did, and I wasn't as close to you as many were, but I knew you well enough to know that you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and probably ever will. I'll never forget the day I spent with you all at the Falconio's. I didn't really know you guys too well yet, and you just made me feel so welcome and hung out with me while everyone else was swimming, and listened intently to the pointless things I had to say. You were such good fun to giggle with. Thank you so much for sharing your family with me. I love them with all my heart, and pray for them every day. I know you're up there watching over all of them, doing the thing you love, dancing, for Jesus. I love you Kathryn.

The young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. - Jeremiah 31:13

Morgan Flatt 03/07/06

We will all miss you Kathryn.

Allie Brown 03/10/06 She was a great dancer!!!! Also my sister loved her as a dance teacher. She is still in our hearts! WE will miss her soo much!
Nicholas Bender 03/11/06

Many of you have heard this story...but here it is for those of you that haven't and because it's one I'll never forget...

At my cousin John Jo's wedding last May I was an usher and Elizabeth and Kathryn were readers for the Prayers of the Faithful(responded to by Lord Hear Our Prayer). The story(and problems) begin with the fact that Elizabeth and Kathryn were in charge of getting the little kids to the church from Jill and Jeff's house about 20 minutes away.

All of us know that we could not wait to start the wedding...the time came and we started the processions...missing a couple aunts and uncles, Elizabeth, Kathryn, and the kids. About 5 minutes later I look to the back of the church and see my sisters. As the usher, I walked back there to show them their seats. Elizabeth had a look of worry on her face as she told me, "We forgot the sheet." I then told her to go get it...forgetting they didn't come from our house.

Realizing there was no time to leave to get it, I told them to sit, knowing how much they loved weddings, as I went to the wedding assistant to get another copy of the readings.

Go figure-the chuch didn't have another copy of the readings. These particular prayers were ripped out of the book they had. The time for them to go up to read was approaching as I went to break the news to them that they would have to go up there and make the prayers up. And my first thoughts were haha, they forgot them, now they had to fix it. But as soon as I told them, Elizabeth turned to Kathryn and said "I'm not going up there." And Kathryn kind of took a breath and just turned forward for a second with a look of fear and worry. My thoughts then changed to oh no...that's my little sister, and I know she's scared to go up there. As scared as I was, I knew that I'd rather take the pressure and nerves into my hands than let her go up there scared. I decided that I would go up to say the prayers at the risk of looking stupid to cover their backs.

Although rough, I made up the words to the prayers and got through them without anyone even knowing that I had made them up. That night I danced with each of my sisters and I'll never forget the look of relief and thanks that appeared on both of their faces knowing that their brother was always there for them.

Kathryn- now it's your turn to watch our backs

Nina Ganet 3/13/06

I knew Kathryn Bender through my brother Max. I always saw Kathryn in the plays at North and she was such a great actress. Her dancing in Anything Goes, every time I saw her, she was always smiling and being so kind to everyone she met, even if she didn't completely know them, like me. I remember spying on my brother when he was going to spring with Kathryn so we could see all the dresses. Kathryn looked beautiful. Kathryn has changed my life, to be the kind of girl that can be herself. Kathryn Bender will be in my heart and in my family's forever.


Leitha Walling 3/14/06

Panda girl. The only reason I took as much video footage of the Pandas while I was in China in 04 was because of you, Kathryn. I was so excited to share the panda video on my laptop with you. I just missed you the first time I came over to your home, but caught up with you the second time. While shooting the video I kept saying my girlfriend's daughter is going to love this. How I wish you were there to experience having a baby panda sit in your lap. Oh I looked at so many panda things trying to figure out what to bring back to you. I knew you already had plenty of stuffed pandas. That year it was the wood cut the next year in China I brought back the key ring. A teenage driver would want a panda key chain. Now I have it on my key chain since your mom gave it back to me. We both cried and hugged. I was speechless. I didn't know it had a bell like ring in it. Every time I use my keys, every time I hear that ring coming from the panda key chain I think of you.

I remember the time I shared my video with you I asked you when did you get pretty? Kathryn was always so cute to me, and then all of a sudden she was this pretty young woman. You are loved and continue to live brightly in so many hearts that you touched and are continuing to touch.